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A four day intensive workshop to reveal your funny sides and learn to create with them. Train to create with spectators as clowns do, staying open, naïve, imaginative, foolish and inventing from failures. Discover stupidity as an endless font of  surprises, learn how clowns work with timing, how they organise their work among themselves, how they write their shows.


Vittoria Wharf Studio Unit 4, Top Floor

10 Stour Rd, Bow,

London E3 2NT

27,28,29,30 June 2024

10am to 5pm 

(10am to 4pm on the Saturday)


Please email to:

Regular fee: £350
Early bird fee: £300 (if booked by May 23rd 2023)

Clown Workshop in London

On 27 to 30 June 2024 Carlo Jacucci will be in London for this four day intensive Clown Workshop, where performers from all disciplines, novices, people with diverse backgrounds will learn how clowns work to discover their own unique talents, create together and write their shows, with a teacher who has an extensive experience in teaching performers from all over the world.

This is a workshop about laughter and being funny. Not so much with conventional gags and routines – though we will touch on some of these – but more so with anything special, silly, foolish and free that is especially unique to you, which of course might not be enough either. Because being silly is not always funny. And being foolish is not necessarily humourous nor charming. This workshop is also about failing, and not hiding it. It is about overcoming the fear of derision, and discovering the pleasure of making people laugh through silliness; learning to be funny by chance; learning to treasure some of the most nonsensical, surprising and absurd performance ideas.

In this workshop we will approach clown as a form of art. You will learn the pleasure of being funny in your own peculiar, unique ways. You will practise different relationships between clowns, learn to work with clown scripts, routines and skills, and discover how to exploit conflicts: how you can play with problems and use them as a fabric for creation.


You will learn to cherish mistakes: how to search for good errors, make them shine and build a scene around them, and the variety of faults, flaws, missteps, goofs, slipups, bungles, lapses, oversights, slights, stumbles, glitches, misunderstandings, misjudgements, miscues, trespasses, gaffes, and transforming them into triumphs or catastrophes.

About Carlo Jacucci

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Carlo Jacucci is the clown of ‘Vitamin The Show’, with which he toured the world with much appreciation from audiences and the press.


Carlo runs a range of theatre workshops after having taught internationally in several institutions and worked with many theatre groups, including Dance Base Edinburgh, the Cork School of Music, Dance House Dublin, the International Festival of Contemporary Circus Cirkuliacija in Kaunas Lithuania, International Circus School Fredrikstad Norway, the Théâtre de l'Opprimé of Paris in France, Italy and Burundi, the Volterra Theatre Festival, the Arches Theatre in Glasgow, and at École Philippe Gaulier in Paris since 2011.

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Other Workshops

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13, 14 April 2024


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