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Carlo Jacucci's Shows

and Workshops

Here you can read about shows

and workshops by Carlo Jacucci,

the man behind Vitamin the clown



"It’s pretty hard to describe this one-man show without either sounding obtuse, ignorant or both. What “Vitamin” entails is fifty-five minutes of inexplicably wonderful comic theatre that gets you to laugh uproariously, pretty much continuously, for reasons that are either beyond my faculties or remain totally mystical. ... (...) ... " (as reviewed by Emma-Jane Denly)

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Two men are lost. One is a master, another is a servant, another a bee, another a father, another a foreigner, another a monk, another a soldier, etc. etc. etc. They are anyone, they are nobody. Will they ever find their way back ...

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Carlo runs a range of theatre workshops after having taught internationally in several institutions and worked with many theatre groups.



An intensive workshop to reveal your funny sides and learn to create with them. Train to create with spectators as clowns do, staying open, naïve, imaginative, foolish and inventing from failures. Discover stupidity as a golden pot of surprises, learn how clowns work with timing, how they organise their work among themselves, how they write their shows.

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Acting & Play

There is so much to learn in playing games on stage in the way children do, with the presence, commitment, freedom, creativity of somebody who is having fun and exploring new things all the time. These are the basics of theatre play because there we learn how to be present on stage, how to look at each other, listen, be ready, create surprises, create an order, or destroy it. They are also very advanced skills for actors to keep discovering.



Have you ever been able to imitate, mock, parody without being simply annoying? Can you do it with humour, lightness, and beauty? Can you do it while making people laugh and without being vulgar, heavy, militant? This workshop focuses on the art of derision in the world of bouffons. They mock using the grotesque, but never without charm.

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"Theatre Workshop for Dancers"

Dance skills and the human comedy

If physical skills had a personality of their own they would bully dancers and cover up their personalities. That is unless the dancers learned to play with those skills, to bring themselves into play, like ‘mettersi in gioco’, ‘se mettre en jeu’, to “bring their self into play”, to invest their performances with their life. This workshop is to discover a playful and creative state in which performers have fun to pretend, to challenge games with lightness and humour. 


20,21,22,23 June 2024, 10am-5pm

Vittoria Wharf Studio, London E3 2NT

27,28,29,30 June 2024, 10am-5pm 

Vittoria Wharf Studio, London E3 2NT

16 March 2024, 8pm


13, 14 April 2024, 10am-5pm

Dock 11, Berlin

6 October 2023, 8pm

UFA Fabrik, Berlin

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